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Betting on eSports is a derivative of the eSports phenomenon. Not long ago, this phenomenon was a “dark forest” for most of us. Despite this, now each of us has somehow come across or is familiar with the eSports site. Esports is already an entire industry - players, teams, fans, paraphernalia and much more. Esports has grown to a new level; it spawns new entertainment formats, such as esports betting sites. Betting on e-sports attracts a lot of attention of investors, sponsors and just those who want to grab their share from the huge jackpot. A tidbit for bookmakers is an audience of 21 to 35 years old, ready to bet on eSports. According to analysts, the revenue of the e-sports industry is growing by 40% annually, and the audience - by 11%. The e-sports audience for 2020 is about 600 million. Esports fans are more active than others in consuming various products and services. Hence the huge interest of bookmakers in e-sports betting. In terms of numbers, the e-sports audience can already compete with such titans as hockey or football. Hockey today has 94 million fans worldwide, and more than 150 million spectators regularly watch American football.


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